buying sunscreen, keep these five things in mind, it will not be worth
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When buying sunscreen, keep these five things in mind, it will not be worth any

When buying sunscreen, keep these five things in mind, it will not be worth any

The use of buying sunscreen is very important to protect skin from harmful rays of the sun. Many times when the sun’s rays are diminished but you have to get out of the house then you think that it will not harm your skin, but you are wrong. Even after the sunlight does not get much faster, if you stay in the sun for longer periods of time, it causes the skin to be harmful to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition to common problems like sun tan, black head, sunburn, you may also have skin related serious diseases such as skin infections, skin rashes and skin cancer etc. So you have to leave the sunscreen at home in any season for you.

Before buying sunscreen

Before buying sunscreen, most people only see the brand, but before using it, it is more important to know the need for sunscreen according to your skin. If you apply the wrong sunscreen, it will not hurt, but you will not get the full benefit for which you use it. To know which sunscreen is good for you, decide to know how long you have to stay in the sun and what time to live in.

If sweat

If you sweat too much after applying sunscreen lotion, then mix calmine lotion with sunscreen to avoid viscosity. Due to exposure to water or perspiration, the effect of sunflower with SPF is finished. This causes ultraviolet rays to damage the skin easily. It is very important for the skin to apply the thick layer of sunscreen to the skin.

Understand Percentage Game

When planting sunscreen on your face, make sure that the SPF sunscreen lotion is best for you. It is usually shown in advertisements that the ultraviolet rays of sun can  avoided by applying a cream of 30 SPF, where as the truth is that the cream of 30 SPF protects up to 97 percent, containing 15 SPF-containing creams will save 93 percent.  And the protection of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from 50 SPF to 98 percent is protected. Please select the SPF according to your utility. If you do not want to stay in the sun for a long time, you can also use a low-quality cream for SPF.

Check the label

Any good sunscreen lotion protects the skin from ultraviolet rays of sunlight. When buying sunscreen, always check that UVA and UVB Protection (board spectrum) printed on its label. UVA and UVB protection are not only helpful in saving sunburn, but also against skin cancer.

If your skin is sensitive

If your skin is more sensitive to radiation then it is equally important for you to apply sunscreen inside the house as much as you can. Artificial lights present in the house affect the skin because they contain some amount of radiation. Generally it is better to have a sunscreen of SPF 15 up to 15 in the house. If you have symptoms of red rash or allergic reactions in the face with sunscreen cream or lotion, then immediately show a dermatologist.

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