Waiting for the last glimpse of Sridevi in Mumbai, Read 10 updates

Waiting for the last glimpse of Sridevi in Mumbai, Read 10 updates

Waiting for the last glimpse of Sridevi in Mumbai

Bollywood actor Sridevi died in Dubai on February 24th. According to the post-mortem report on Monday, the reason for Sridevi’s death is an Accidental. He died after drowning in the bathtub of the hotel. He had alcohol content in his body. So far, his body could not be brought to Mumbai from Dubai. It is likely that Sridevi body can be brought to India today. But the picture is not clear. The case of Shridevi’s death was hand over to the government lawyer. Only after their permission will the body of the body be brought to the country. Take a look at updates related to this matter…

Sridevi Latest 10 Updates:


# 1. On Monday, Indian Ambassador to UAE Navdeep Suri told how much time it takes in such cases. He tweeted that in such cases it takes 2-3 days to complete the process. We are working with local officials so that the body can be sent to India soon. We give up on the expert to decide the cause of death.

#2. According to reports, the Dubai Police has questioned Sridevi’s husband Bonnie Kapoor for several hours in this case. But it has not been officially confirmed. At the last moment was Bonnie who was with the actress. So the police want to add all the episodes.

New Disclosure of Actress Sridevi Death!  Suspicion of Murder

# 3 The Dubai Police Sagarvi’s last 48 hours and also the last 24 hours call details are exploding. According to sources, call details show that the most calls were receive from a particular number.

# 4. In Mumbai, the eyes of millions of Sridevi awaiting their final views. When the earth body of Shridevi comes to Mumbai, it will be kept for the last glimpse of his fate in the bungalow according to his wish. This bungalow is decorating with Sridevi’s favorite white flowers.

Sridevi and Anil Kapoor’s last video, dance on the hit songs in marriage


# 5. After the death of Pakistani actor, Adnan Siddiqui Sridevi, who shared the screen in the film ‘Mom’ with the late actress, he met Boney Kapoor. They also went to Dubai to marry Mohite Marwah. After the death of the actress, Adnan Boney Kapoor met. While saying sadness to Bonni, he said that after weeping Shridevi, they are crying like children.

# 6. Sridevi’s husband Bonnie Kapoor and daughter went out to Dubai on February 18th with happiness. After this, the whole family took part in the marriage ceremony of Mohit Marwah. After joining the wedding on February 20, Boney Kapoor had returned to Mumbai on February 21 with daughter Happiness.

Dubai police will investigate Sridevi’s call records

# 7. In Mumbai, many Bollywood celebs are giving consolation to the family by visiting Boney Kapoor’s brother Anil Kapoor’s house. In this episode, on Monday, superstar Rajinikanth, King Khan, Shahrukh, Sarah Ali Khan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Amar Singh, Jaya Prada and other stars reached the house of Anil Kapoor.

# 8. Kangana Ranaut, who believe Sridevi as her icon, was so shock by the news that she got sick. He had to shoot on Sunday too, but due to Sreedadevi’s demise, he became so depressed that he got a slight fever and he took a break from his shoot for a while. Although being a professional, he completed his shooting.

Sridevi’s forensic report has been released

# 9. 4 days after the marriage of Mohit Marwah, Sridevi said goodbye to the world. Mohit Marwah’s first reaction has come on the death of the actress. Mohit has written an emotional message on the Instagram with a sweet picture from Shridevi’s film ‘English Winglish’. He wrote you are far more than a legend. Your shortage will always fall.

# 10. At the wedding of his nephew Mohit Marwah, the actress came with the whole family. This marriage was on 20th February, after being invite, Bonnie Kapoor and Happiness returned to the country. But Sridevi did not return with the family. According to reports, Sridevi had stopped shopping for Jahvanvi. Boney Kapoor had to return due to official work.

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