Varun Dhawan Film October: Trailer Release of October Movie

Varun Dhawan Film October: Trailer Release of October Movie

Varun Dhawan Film October: Trailer Release of October Movie: Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan‘s starrer ‘October Movie trailer’  has been release. The film, 20-year-old model Banita Sandhu is going to launch her Bollywood career. The movie trailer seems quite messy. It is shown in the trailer that it is not a love story, there is a story about love. In the trailer, both Varun and Banita appear to be working at the hotel. In one scene, Varun is also are coming with mosquito kills.

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Even before the trailer launch of the film ‘October Movie’, the producers have released a new poster of the film. This film is a romantic drama. This is not what we call this poster of the film. The film is a love story but is a very different kind of love story. To show romance in the October Movie poster, the forest, greenery and a couple ar shown. Where there is peace all around and only two lovers are lost in love with each other.

October Movie

There is no love affair between Varun and Banita in the video, but it is clear from the trailer that such an incident happens, after which Vanity is admitted to the ICU after being hit by any disease. Varun Dhawan came very close to him with this incident in connection with Banita.

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If you like romantic movies, of course, you will love this poster. Varun Dhawan is quietly looking forward to Banita Sandhu in this poster. This poster has been share by Varun Dhawan on social media. Sharing the poster, Varun wrote, “Sometimes the best way to say something is to say nothing about it, but I am not able to stop myself.”

October Movie Release Date

Directed by the Shoojit Sircar ‘October Movie‘ is co-produce by Ronnie Lahiri and Shil Kumar. In the film, Varun is in the role of a lovely and mischievous boy, who tries to join the hospitality industry. In the film, he will be seen in the role of hotel management student. The actor shot for this in a Delhi hotel. The film will be release on April 13. In addition to Varun, Banita Sandhu will b seen in the main character.

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Varun Dhawan Film October: Trailer Release of October Movie

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