Valmiki Jayanti 2019 Why is Valmiki Jayanti Celebrated on Sharad Purnima

Valmiki Jayanti 2019: Why is Valmiki Jayanti Celebrated On Sharad Purnima

Valmiki Jayanti 2019

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Valmiki Jayanti 2019: According to Hindu Panchang, the birth anniversary of Maharishi Valmiki i.e Valmiki Jayanti’ is celebrated on the date of Sharad Purnima of Ashwin month. This year Valmiki Jayanti will be celebrated on Sunday, October 13, 2019 with great enthusiasm across the country.

Who Is Maharishi Valmiki?

Maharishi Valmiki, one of the great sages of the Vedic period, is world-famous as the author of ‘Ramayana’. But Maharishi Valmiki was proficient in Sanskrit language and was also a great poet. Maharishi Valmiki was born in the house of Maharishi Kashyapa and Aditi’s ninth son Varun and his wife Charshani. While Maharishi Bhrigu, brother of Maharishi Valmiki, was also great knowledge. Also Read More Guru Purnima Essay.

How Is Valmiki Jayanti Celebrated?

While Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated all over the country, it is more prevalent among North Indian people. On this day, worship is done in Balmiki temples and along with it, the Shobha Yatra of Valmiki Jayanti is also carried out. And many religious events are organized. Colorful programs based on Valmiki’s life are also shown.

On the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti, plays based on Valmiki Ji’s life are presented in many places. In many places, the Ramayana is also presented in the form of a play and is shown to the people. On this day, beautiful processions are carried out. On the occasion of Jayanti, fruits, sweets and food are distributed by voluntary organizations and social workers.

What is the significance of Valmiki Jayanti in our life

Maharishi Balmiki gave us Ramayana like Mahagranth. In which the ties of Rishto are woven in a very decent manner. This epic gives the message of fulfilling the son Dharma, Bhai Dharma, Grihastha Dharma, Mitra Dharma, Bhakta Dharma, etc. in a very decent manner. Everything is written by Maharishi Balmiki in this epic still inspires our society. That is why Valmiki Jayanti becomes important for us.

How did Valmiki get Inspired to Write Ramayana

According to the legend, before becoming Valmiki Maharishi, his name was Ratnakar. Ratnakar used to loot others to follow his family. Once he met Narada Muni. When Ratnakar tried to rob them too, Narada Muni asked them why they do this work. Ratnakar replied that he does this for the upbringing of the family.

Narada Muni told Ratnakar that he would be willing to share the sins of the family for whom he is committing the crime. Confused, Ratnakar tied Narada Muni with a tree nearby and reached home to find out the answer to that question. He was very disappointed to learn that not a single member of his family was willing to participate in this sin. Hearing this Ratnakar returned, opened Narada Muni and fell at his feet. After this Narada Muni introduced him to the knowledge of truth and advised him to chant Rama-Rama. Just before chanting the name of Ram, Ratnakar became Maharishi and later he became famous by the name of great Maharishi Valmiki and composed Ramayana.

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