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TV Actress Divya Agarwal Viral Dance Video, Box Cricket League

TV Actress Divya Agarwal

TV Actress Divya Agarwal Viral Dance Video, Ekta Kapoor Box Cricket League (BCL) is going on, and in it, the stars of TV are participating and are showing great fun. A few such scenes were seen recently when TV actress Divya Agarwal Jhoomkar Nacha appeared on ‘MTV Splitswala-10’. After that, all the players present there started dancing and the whole atmosphere changed. There are also many famous cricket stars in BCL, so a few days ago, Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan also did a lot of fiercely dancing.

Actress Divya Agarwal

Divya is passionate about dancing and has also made a tremendous gesture in this video. Divya has a masters degree in journalism and she came to the headlines at the time when many things related to Priyank Sharma were revealing inside the Big Boss. At that time, many things came out about the friendship of Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal.

Divya Agarwal has also worked in many music videos and advertisements and has bee a familiar face on TV too. But this can happen after the dance, their further roads may also open because the producers of Box Cricket League are Ekta Kapoor.

Actress Divya Agarwal

Actress Divya Agarwal talked about the Priyank attitude in the Big Boss, saying, ‘First thing why Benafsha said why, forget that, or else it would be very bad for both of us. Then the name of Priyank has X-Girlfriend, Nikita name is coming out in front. Secondly, Priyank said that I would not have any problem outside. It means that I do not have any cost for him, will he really not have any problem?

Actress Divya Agarwal Dance Video

Divya further says, ‘Priyank is behaving with Benafsha exactly like he used to do with me in splitsville. Priyank real face in Bigg Boss has come out now and I do not want to stay with her now.

TV Actress Divya Agarwal Viral Dance Video, Box Cricket League

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