TikTok Video – Two Doctors Out Of Hospital From TikTok Video

TikTok Video – Two Doctors Out Of Hospital From TikTok Video

TikTok Video, Due to the Tiktok video two doctor out of the hospital. He made a video on Arijit Singh’s song in the hospital. For this reason, two doctors did have to be removed.

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Hospital officials clearly stated that they were not of both Doctor Gandhi Medical College. Rather came from other colleges. Both of them were doing internships only at the doctor hospital. Both of them doctors came to the hospital only to do the internship.

TikTok Video Viral From Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The latest event sequence has been revealed on video. He told that two junior doctors of Government Hospital have been suspended. The operation was done after being viral on the video shot in the hospital.

Both of these were from the Department of Physiotherapy. And this video was shot in the hospital. After that, he shared this video through hospital Video.

Where the hospital administration both the doctors were found guilty due to irresponsible behavior. Thousands of people come to the same hospital where both doctors had mischief.

This giving a strong reaction to the incident; a notice has been sent to the officials of the Gandhi Hospital as well as the injunction of the physiotherapist department. In the physiotherapy department has ordered to investigate whatever happened.

Hospital officials have clearly told that both of them were not from Doctor Gandhi Medical College but came from other colleges to do internships. Another such incident occurred in the government hospital.

Seven contract employees of Khammam municipal corporation are facing wage cut due to those videos in the office.

More recently, in the police station in Gujarat; police policeman Alpita Chowdhury was suspended. But even when she was released from the police station, she continued the process of making the video.

Gujarat Police officer Alpita Chowdhury has suspended from the police station due to this video.

TikTok Video – Two Doctors Out Of Hospital From TikTok Video























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