Take The Body of Sridevi has Sent a Plane to Dubai Anil Ambani

Take The Body of Sridevi has Sent a Plane to Dubai Anil Ambani

Take The Body of Sridevi has Sent a Plane to Dubai Anil Ambani

All the family members, including Sridevi’s husband, are present in Dubai at this time. According to the information received till today, the body will be brought to Mumbai from the private jet. Apropos to the reports, Jet Departed from Mumbai to Dubai at around 1 pm.

According to the Khaleej Times, the body after the post-mortem has been handed over to the family. Apart from this, the necessary action of passports and police with the Foreign Ministry of External Affairs has also been completed. In the post-mortem report, it has been said that he got a heart attack in the bathroom and he fell there, due to sudden fall, there was also a slight injury in the body.

Sridevi’s body was sent to the plane of Dubai Anil Ambani. The plane has reached Dubai. The Indian Embassy in Dubai is also helping the devi body to bring India.

Sridevi-Anil Ambani


Legal prejudice Sajid Walrath living in Dubai in the forensic department said, “I can not appear in my sad words. This is bad news for every fan of Sridevi. At such times I am standing with the family of Shridevi.

Prior to this, by giving death certificates to family members of Sridevi in Dubai, passports and immigration-related formalities will be completed. By Sunday night; Sree Devi’s body will reach Mumbai. Shridevi’s funeral will take place on Monday at one o’clock in the afternoon.

As soon as Sridevi heard the news of a heart attack in Dubai; her fans in Dubai were present outside the hospital. A wave of grief was heard by the news of their demise.

Bollywood actress Sridevi, who is also known as moonlight, died from Heart Attack. Since his death is a wave of grief in his fans spread across the world.

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