Singer Aastha Gill Priyank Sharma Buzz 25 Million Views

Aastha Gill Priyank Sharma Buzz 25 Million Views

Singer Aastha And Big Boss Priyank’s Romance Super Hit

Singer Aastha Gill Priyank Sharma Buzz 25 Million Views, ‘DJ Wale Babu …’ the song had become viral all over the country. in such a way. The Badshah’s new song ‘Buzz’ has also become viral all the world. This song of singer Aastha Gill and the Badshah has seen on YouTube more than 27 million times in five days, and the process of watching it has not been the stop. This song is the Badshah’s rap and it is sung by Aastha Gill while. Strong Panic in Bigg Boss 11 Model-actor Priyank Sharma is seen in the hot looking. In this way, Priyank Sharma has also benefited from the King’s rap and the song of ‘Aastha Gill’. Aastha and Priyank chemistry has been like in this song.

Aastha says on the immense success of getting this song. Whatever love me met with this song. For that I am grateful. I thank him for the support of the Badshah Brother. They also convinced me of my label. I also thank all fans. This video has directed by Arvinder Khera in Chandigarh within three days. This video shows passion for a girl’s boyfriend.

Singer Aastha Gill Priyank Sharma Video Song

The Badshah is superhit among young people anyway and their rap is very much liked. Now even in Bollywood movies, his rap well heard. With the singing of Aastha, the Badshah’s rap is the life of this song. Again this is a big opportunity for Priyank. Because the Badshah’ the Songs are very good. And this will also quite help them to increase their fan following.

The songs of the rapper Badshah have always been liked by the people, especially in the youth, the craze of his songs has been seen to be very big. After singing “DJ Wale Babu”, the Badshah started to rule in the singing industry, now people are waiting for their song to come. Together with the Badshah, Punjabi Singer Aastha Gill new music video was released on Thursday. This video became so viral on the Internet that within just 24 hours of release, YouTube was trending on number two. Bigg Boss Season 11 X Contestant Priyank Sharma is also in this song.

Singer Aastha Gill Priyank Sharma Buzz 25 Million Views

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