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Real Page Priya Prakash Becomes The Superstar Queen

Real Page Priya Prakash Becomes The Superstar Queen

Real Page Priya Prakash, who wounded people with her eyes on social media, has recently become the heartbeat of millions of hearts after the viral video. Please tell, Priya Prakash has done a magnificent performance in the Malayalam film Oru Adar Love’s song Manikya Mallia Puvi.

Priya Prakash has become a student in this song. It has been shown in the song that Priya is standing in the assembly and she is talking many things in her eyes with her friend. In this whole song Priya Real Page only appears on screen for 30 seconds.

The special thing is that in just a few seconds Priya raises her eyes and looks after the people who wreak havoc. Priya gives many expressions together in 30 seconds for a sweet smile with naughty eyes.

Seeing her so much love on the internet, Priya Prakash has said her fancy in an unusual way. Not only this, Priya has also shared a video for her fans. In the caption of the video, Priya Prakash wrote, “Thank you very much to all the people … to give me so much love and support. I am not able to reply to everyone. But I will do my best to reach you. Until then, you continue to love me only. ‘

Priya’s Gestures Hurt Ronaldo, in 24 Hours, Celebrities From all Over the World are Shocked

Seeing the Malayali Actress Priya Prakash Warriar became an internet sensation. 26 seconds video of Priya made social media televised. The whole of the eyes of Priya’s eyes has become crazy. Priya’s video became viral faster than Valentine’s Day

This video clip has made Priya so famous in 24 hours that over 1 million followers have been on their Instagram. There were 2.49 lakh followers on Priya’s Instagram on Sunday, 11 February, at 7:00 PM. As soon as his debut movie’s song became viral, then 1.1 million by 12 o’clock in the evening.

Real Page Priya Prakash
Real Page Priya Prakash

In this case, he has left behind football star Cristiano Ronaldo and American television personality Kylie Jenner. Ronaldo had made 650 followers within 24 hours of debuting on Twitter. At the same time, Kylie Jener had created 806 followers in a day. Priya has 814 followers on Twitter in 24 hours.

After the video was viral, Real Page Priya thanked her fans. Please tell that this video is the song of Priya’s debut film ‘Oru Adar Love’. Which was first released Valentine’s Day. This movie is a story of love thrive between Teenage Couples.

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