New Disclosure of Actress Sridevi Death!  Suspicion of Murder

New Disclosure of Actress Sridevi Death!  Suspicion of Murder

New Disclosure of Actress Sridevi Death!  Suspicion of Murder

Actress Sridevi Death: Bollywood’s ‘Famous Actress’ is likely to come to Mumbai from Dubai in a few hours. For this, the private jet of Mukesh Ambani, the country’s largest industrialist, has reached Dubai. After receiving the green flag from the Dubai administration, this jet will come to Mumbai with the dead body of Sridevi. Here, preparations for Sridevi‘s last visit to ‘Bhagya’ bungalow in Versova, Mumbai have been made. Significantly, this great famous Bollywood celebrity passed away on Saturday night in Dubai.

Cause of Death?

Sridevi's forensic report
Sridevi’s forensic report

The death of Sridevi is being told due to cardiac arrest, although now sources are receiving the news that Sridevi’s death was not due to cardiac arrest but due to some other reason. At the time of Sridevi’s death, she was alone in the hotel’s own room.

Sridevi has death was due to the sinking if the doubt happens then the proceedings of the case will be done?

In this case, the police are also suspecting the plot of murder. Apart from this, the police say that delay in bringing body-mortem is also going to be so much. Tell you that the body of Sridevi is found in the bathroom of the hotel room and it is being told that Sridevi was not a victim of any depression. Rather; he was preparing for the start of the film career of daughter Janvi, with loud noise and was very happy. It is very Very difficult to say that, it is very difficult to see slim thin Sridevi that is celebrity.

Sridevi Forensic Report 

The body of Sridevi was not sent to India because last Sunday’s report was not given by the Dubai Police.

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