Navratri 2018: Chaitra Navratri Starting From Today

Navratri 2018: Chaitra Navratri Starting From Today

Navratri 2018: Chaitra Navratri

Navratri 2018: Chaitra Navratri Starting From Today, The beginning of Chaitra Navaratri is due from March 18, which will run until March 26. In these nine days of Navratri, 9 forms of Durga will be worshiped. For the whole nine days, there will be a prayer of fasting, worship and different mothers every day. Some devotees also awaken themselves or their temples these days. The same, do some Bhandara In Navaratri, mother’s court Vaishno Devi also sees a huge crowd of devotees. Here, know about the meaning and significance of the names of these nine mothers who are worshiped during Navratri and their names.

Navratri 2018

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The name of the first form of Mata Durga is Shail Putri. Shell means the peak and the daughter mean the daughter. Because of his birth as a daughter of the Himalayas, he had a son named Phulpurutri. Parvati and Hemavati are also other names of this goddess.

Their mantras are Vande Vachchitalabhaya Chandrrrriddheshakramam Taurashurodan Shooldharan Shalputri Yashasvinim.


The name of the second form of a mother is Brahmacharini. Brahma means the austerity and the chary mean the one conducting. For this reason, the Brahmacharini means to conduct the penance.

His mantra: Sadhana Karapadmabhyamakala Kamalamadu. Goddess Prasidatu May Allah Brahmacharya॥


The third form of Durga Mata name Chandhghanta. They are worship on the third day in Navaratri. Mata Chandraghanta is considere to be a goddess of valor. It is believed that they should worship in the form of fear or unrest in their mind.

Their mantra is: Pindjprvrarudha Cndkopastrkeryuta. Prasadan Tanutte Mhyn Chandragnteti Vishruta.


Kushmanda Mata is worship on the fourth day of Navaratri. It believes that these mothers had composed the universe with their smile, because of this they are also calling Adashakti of the universe.


On the fifth day, Skandamata is worship. They are worship as the mother who opens the door of salvation. These mothers have four sides, the bald God Skanda is in their lap. They have lotus in their hands, so they are also calling Padmasana.


Chaiti Devi is Katyayani believe that worshiping them means receiving four fruits of meaning, religion, work, and salvation. Along with this, disease, mourning, anger, and fear destroy.


This seventh chronological form of Mother Durga considers as the cruelest and fierce. You must have heard this name in the songs of Mother Rakhi where on the last night, chandam chand mund markar dhannn dhannn dhan ghanta baje. It believes that all the asuri powers run away their names. For this reason, the devotee is freed from all kinds of fear by worshiping them.


On the eighth day of Navratri, Lord Mahagauri is worship as the goddess Durga. According to the belief, supernatural achievements are also attain by their grace and all sins are destroy.

Navratri 2018: Chaitra Navratri Starting From Today

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