Top Monsoon Health Tips: Know Health Tips For Rainy Season
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Top Monsoon Health Tips: Know Health Tips For Rainy Season

Monsoon Health Tips:

Top Monsoon Health Tips: Monsoon is knocking. From the first rain where heat is relieved, there is a wave of joy in people’s hearts. People are bacchan to enjoy the pakodas in the rainy season with tea sips.

But the rainy season brings many diseases along with it. In the changing season, diseases such as viral, colds and flu are very quickly taken by people in their grip. It is important to take care of your catering in such a way.

Take these things in the Monsoon season:


Most people eat chaat-pakodas during the Monsoon Health Tips. This can cause great harm to the health. Put the habit of eating soup instead of lick-pakodas in the rainy season. There is plenty of nutrition in the soup. It also digested easily.

Health experts recommend drinking ginger, garlic and garam masala in the soup. This not only increases the taste of soup but also strengthens the immune system of the body. Apart from this, the soup also works to hydrate the body.

2. Boiled vegetables

Eat vegetables boiled in Monsoon season. All the nutrients remain present by consuming the vegetables lightly. But the germs that damage the body are destroyed. Boiled broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and tomato foods prove to be very beneficial for health.

3. Smudge

Breastfeeding is more beneficial in the Monsoon season than juice. Smoothies made from fresh fruit and vegetable are more healthy. This gives health benefits in many ways.

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4. Do not eat leafy vegetables

Avoid eating spinach, cauliflower, leaf cabbage, such as leafy vegetable in the rainy season. Instead, use cucumbers, oranges, mangoes, and tomatoes.

5. Dry Fruits

Consumption of high durable fries in Monsoon Health Tips. They help in increasing the immunity of the body. Having strength in the body also protects against diseases.

6. Basil tea

There is a deep relationship between rain and tea. But in the rainy season, take the tea of Tulsi. Antioxidants present in Tulsi protect you from many diseases.

Top Monsoon Health Tips: Know Health Tips For Rainy Season

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