Mansi Srivastava And Mohit Abrol Breakup, Know What's The Matter
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Mansi Srivastava And Mohit Abrol Breakup, Know What’s The Matter

Mansi Srivastava And Mohit Abrol

Mansi Srivastava and actor Mohit Abrol, who was well-known to the TV show ‘Ishqbaaz’, had been dating for the past 6 years. They both had engaged in 2016. But the relationship between the two did not last long and the news of the engagement breakup out. Not only this, but there is even more bad news about this relationship.

TV Actress Mansi Srivastava Say

TV Actress Mansi never hid this relationship. And both of them simultaneously looked like a couple in all the programs. But, now things are not the same as before. But there is no such reason behind the engagement breaks and neither is the fight or beating. Mansi Srivastava says that we both have separated now. Because sometimes things do not have any meaning, so we got separated from each other.

You must have seen that Mansi Shrivastava has been shown on many TV shows. They also have to say that we have no such filling for each other now. Mohit and I have not said anything wrong about each other so that we can have any problems in the future. Apart from this, Mansi also said that I do not feel like talking about my personal life.

TV Actress Mohit Abrol Say

Mohit says that Mansi used me and cheated. Not only that, Mohit wrote on a post on social media, ‘I wanted to meet Mansi again. Because I love Mansi a lot. And say to her goodbye in his own way. Mohit also said that if I found my way, I would never say goodbye to him. Because you love it and you have to leave it suddenly, it is actually a very difficult task.

Apart from this, Mohit Abrol further wrote that ‘I am satisfied that you left me and went away. Mohit said that I did a true love with you. But you did not know my love. This love was for me forever and will remain. I understood that love is a false truth. I am sorry that you have done so many times with me.

Mansi Srivastava And Mohit Abrol Breakup, Know What’s The Matter



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