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How to Set Up Google Calendar Notifications

How to Set Up Google Calendar Notifications

How to Set Up Google Calendar Notifications
How to Set Up Google Calendar Notifications

Hey friends! In this article, I will give you information about how to set up your google calendar notifications. You first need to log into your email and then you click here on these nine points on the right upper corner and then you look for this icon that maybe around somewhere around here which is called calendar.

I suggest you put it here on google calendar you can create events for google meets, video conference, and stuff like that or you can just create events only for the sake of setting reminders well.
There are plenty of things we need to remember each day. Google Calendar has a simple reminder and notification system to help you manage your meetings and events.

I use it like that and I also use the calendar of my phone this is a very easy way to remember since you have your email open then there’s no problem.

Google Calendar Notifications

Google Calendar notifications can be emailed to you whenever you’re invited to a new event or a change is made to an event. And, calendar reminders use pop-ups and emails to remind you of an upcoming event

To set when Google Calendar sends you notifications and reminders for all your events hover over the calendar you need and click the down arrow to the right then click notification.

For your events, you can set multiple reminders using either pop-ups or email. By default, there a few reminders enabled for you.

You can edit these or delete them by clicking the remove link. To set a default reminder, start by clicking the “add a reminder” link. Then, select whether you want an email or pop-up reminder.

Reminder emails are sent to your Gmail account and include all the event information.

Pop-up reminders open with the title of the event, who created the event, and the time of the event.

These pop-ups will bring Calendar in focus and have an alert sound. These reminders can be set minutes, hours, or days before the event.

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There are just a few things you want to keep in mind; first, these are the default reminders for events. So, the reminders you set here are for all your events.

Later we’ll inform you how to edit the reminder for just one event. Second, these reminders for your calendar and not for those you invite to events.

These reminders won’t be sent to anyone else, but you. Google Calendar also notifies you when you’re invited to a new event or a change is made to an event.

You can control which notifications you receive with these check boxes here. If you like, Calendar can send you a daily agenda, that includes all your events.

This is a great way to review your schedule and start your day.

If you’d like Google Calendar notifications sent to your mobile phone as an SMS text message, follow the directions under this link.

Just not this feature is only available in the US and with select mobile carriers. And, you’re probably want to review your organization’s policy for mobile devices.

For information about setting up mobile notifications, check out the Google Calendar Help Center for a list of all mobile carriers.

When you’re done adjusting your settings, click Save. So, that’s how you to set up the default notifications and reminders.

But, let’s you have a special event you don’t want to forget, or you want a reminder to prep for an event. You can set and adjust reminders by opening the event and scrolling down to the reminders section.

From here, you can edit any of the reminders remove a reminder by clicking the X here or add a reminder Just remember, reminders adjusted or added to an event only apply to that event.

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When you’re done, click Save. Well, those are the basics of notifications and reminders.

If you have questions about features in Google Calendar check out the Help Center by clicking Settings, then Help.

Another thing you need to have in mind is that you can set this notification to your email so if you want to receive an email from google reminding you that you have to “Entregar” this “tarea”. Then you choose one notification two days before or three days before by email.

The other notifications are going to be received on your phone, but this particular one is going to be received on your email. So if you have your email open on your phone you will also receive that notification on your phone.

This is a very useful strategy not to forget let’s say the tasks that I have the assignments that I have, if you have any questions you can leave them right down on the comment section, please start setting up your calendar so you don’t forget to hand in your homework.

If you know another way to create reminders you can leave your strategy right down on the comment section. Thank you very much for reading this article.

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