How To Create & Schedule An Event on Google Calendar
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How To Create & Schedule An Event on Google Calendar

How To Create & Schedule An Event on Google Calendar

Hello friend, In this article, I will inform you that How to create or schedule an event or Meeting on Google Calendar? Let’s get to know Before scheduling an Event on google calendar, you must have your google account.

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How to Create & Schedule an Event on Google Calendar

If you do not have a Google account, first create a Google account.

After making google account, you have to sign in to google using any browser. Then click on Google Apps and then click on Calendar.

Panel of Interface

This kind of window will appear in front of you It has two panels: Left Panel and Right Panel.

Left Panel shows the current month. Right Panel shows the current Week. If you want to see next week, click on this button Now next week is displaying in front of you. Grids are shown in the right panel And in this grid, each column represents each day of the week Where each row represents an hour of a day.

For example, this row is from 3 PM to 4 PM and the next row is from 4 PM to 5 PM and so on. There are two ways to schedule an event. Well, there is only one way.

Methods to Open Event Scheduling Dialog Box

But the Dialog Box, which contains all the information of an Event, is opened by two ways Either click on “Create Button”, the box will display, or click after the red line on the time slot which suits you then again dialog box will display.

We will see the options of this dialog box latter. First, let see what does this “Red Line” shows?

Red Line

Red Line shows your current time. As you can see current time is 7:50 PM and 7:50 PM lies in this row because it is one hour i.e.,  7 PM – 8 PM. 7:50 PM lies between this hour.

So this Red line shows that your current time is this(depending upon the row in which this red line lies.) So Schedule every event after this red line Or on the next day. Because the time before the red line has passed it will never come back.

Different Options of Event Scheduling Dialog Box

Now let discusses the different options of the dialog box which contains all the information of an event. The dialog box has appeared, click on more option So that full window will open in front of you.

Title of Event/Meeting, Date and Time

First of all, you have to write the name or title of the Event. For example, I write Project’s Meeting. This meeting is related to a project then you can set the date and time of the event.

By clicking on the date a calendar will appear to select the date on, which you want to schedule the event like I select 22nd. This is the start time let say it starts at 11 AM.

Then tell the end time accordingly let say it is a 30 minutes discussion. Then select the end date of the Event. I will select 22nd By default calendar adjusts the end date according to the start date.

Similarly, you can change the time zone from here. However google set your time zone according to your location, if it is ON As My location is India and here 12 hrs system is used means GMT+05:30.

It has set it accordingly, but if you still want to change it select that time zone, according to your desire, from here Click on then.

All Day Option

If you checked the “All Day” option then the time limit of this event will be finished It means this event/meeting will continue for the whole day. Like 15th of August is the Independence Day of India is an all day event, it has no time limit.

If you want to schedule this kind of event then select the “All Day” option otherwise unchecked it.

Controlling Event’s Repetition

After this, there is an event repetition option. Using this option you can decide when will this event be repeated? like Doesn’t Repeat Option means this event will never repeat “Daily” means it will repeat every day. There are further options you can understand them accordingly.

You can customize your event too. “Customize” is a very good option. like when will this event be repeated means it will repeat 1 time in a week or  2 times or 3 times and so on.

Similarly,  you change the “week option” too from here like the event will repeat in weeks or you want to repeat the event in days or in months or in the year.

Similarly, you can choose specific days from here i.e., on which days this event will be repeated. For example, Only on Monday and Saturday Every day you choose will have a color change, it means that that day will be selected Event will be repeated only on those days which are selected.

Similarly when this event will be ended. Means you can end this event if you have fixed any date “Never” means this event will never end and it will continue. If you select the “On” option, it means on this specific date this event will end. You can change the end date of the event.

For example, I select 23rd so this event will end on 23rd Or you can select the “After” option, which means we will end this event after its occurrences as shown. it will end automatically after these occurrences we will not end it.

It will be erased automatically from google calendar. I want that this event should repeat only one time then it should finish automatically “Once” Means it will occur only one time then it will finish automatically. You will select “Doesn’t Repeat” Because it is just a sample.

When to Schedule a Meeting?

If you do not have any meeting with others. This means you have created this event just for your reminder. Here I have written title “Project’s Meeting” you have created this event just for your reminder for example.

I will do this task on that day for a reminder of that task you have created an event As no other people are involved it is just related to yourself.

 Then do not go for following further options Do not enter any further details just click on Save then your event will be created on the calendar as a reminder.

But if you have any meeting with people or have any kind of interaction then go for the following options. For example, If you have physical interaction with anyone or with people then add location i.e., in that meeting hall or meeting room. I will conduct that meeting which is Project’s Meeting (Title of Meeting).

Adding Google Meet’s Meeting

But If it is a virtual event i.e., no physical interaction with people then add the link of google meet’s meeting.

Simply, you will have to click on that button it will automatically create a meeting’s link for you. Now copy that link and share with participants so that they can join your meeting.

Google Calendar Notification Settings

After that we have option of Notification When will you be notified of this event? Notify you 30 minutes before the start of the event. You can also select a time from here 30 minutes before the event or 10 minutes before the event.

you can also change minutes to hours, days or weeks and with the “add notification” option you can add further notifications as to when I clicked on it, another notification has added. From here you can delete the notification.


This your status which will appear to others on this event. Let say I am free, From here you can set visibility of your event like Default Visibility.

I will select public so that everyone can see that event when you select private only a few people will be able to see details of that event. You have to enter a list of these people, if you select private.

Google Calendar Adding Description

After that “Add Description” option comes. In the description, you have to tell further details of your event/meeting.

Although you have already written the title, but writing a further description of the event is so that people can easily understand the event that what we are going to discuss in that meeting, just by looking at its description.

For example, I write “Android Application Development” Similarly you can tell further about your event I have just written randomly.

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Next, you can add participants too if you have scheduled any kind of meeting either physical or virtual. It will automatically suggest you those emails whom you email frequently. But if you want to add further participants just write there gmails here it will automatically add them to your event.

I will select one of the following. Then it will be shown that this person is the organizer and this person is a guest.

Guest’s Permissions

From here you can change some rights/permissions of participants like.

Can participants Modify the event? Can participants invite others? And can Participants see the list of the other participants? Who is joining this meeting or event? and this option is “See Guest List”. When everything is done. Click on “Save”.

It will ask that to either send emails to all the guests/participants of the meeting or not. I will select the send. So that meeting invitation link is also sent to them.

Google Calendar Event / Meeting has Created or Scheduled

Now you can see on calendar an event has scheduled on 22nd when I click on it then I can everything about this event/meeting. Here is its description this is the meeting joining link and this is the timing of the Meeting.

I hope so Now you must have known how to create a meeting/event on Google Calendar. It is very easy. But If you still have some query or question then tell me in comment section.

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