Guru Purnima Speech, Guru Purnima Speech English, 2018
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Guru Purnima Speech, Guru Purnima Speech English, 2020

Guru Purnima Speech

Guru Purnima Speech: The status of a guru in Sanatan religion is considered as above even God. That is why the absolute importance of the full moon of the month of Ashadh is important. This festival is ideal to tell the next generation of the importance of the teacher and the teacher. Vyas Purnima or Guru Purnima celebrates on the basis of superstition, but not because of reverence. Guruvar blessings are welfare and knowledge-oriented for the disciples, so after Guru Purnima day Guru Pujan, the blessing of the Guru is taken. The significance of this festival in Sikhism is of greater significance, because of their ten gurus in Sikh history has been of great significance.

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Guru Purnima 2018

A short speech on Guru Purnima

The full moon of the month of Ashadh celebrates as Guru Purnima. There was an adjustment when this day was a day of respect for the best guru, but now, the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan celebrates as Teacher’s Day and that is why the day of Guru Purnima spiritual guru Pooja remains. According to our belief, after our parents there is the place of the guru, it is the inclination to say that the place of the guru has been considere above even than God.

In ancient times Gurukul was given free education. Students used to worship Guru Purnima as Guruji and give them Dakshina according to their strength. Nowadays it remains in some places in the field of Parampar art. But, people highly respect their guru and try to give them some respect. On the day of education, there is a festival like Toh. But, under the social media, the Puranic DS like Guru Purnima is also creating with gimmicks.

Guru Purnima Images

So today, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, I heartily welcome and respect all the Gurus present here, and hope that your grace remains on everyone, and on your part, we can illuminate our name. Best wishes to Guru Purnima.

Speech about Guru Purnima

Ashad Mehna came, and the time of Guru Purnima also brought together, today we are here to deposit all the Gurus on the occasion of respecting, let’s go to the time of Guru Purnima, here in some things. The first used to be a time when all the Guru respected the Gurus on the full moon, used to pray, and, in short, the Kuka celebrated also. But now, the work of Guru Purnima is done, because it is that teacher’s day, which is an idea from outside, gives much attention to it.

Guru Purnima Quotes

Well, it was a matter of fact that Guru was the full moon and now how is it. Today, we will talk about what our helplessness arises on the basis of being a disciple of Guru Purnima. And, that is why, first of all, I think that our duty is, that is, we respect the increase of ours in all respects. And respect should not be that he is bigger than us, but because of this, our teachers taught us this education. We respect our parents and teachers and gurus, it is our duty that we should not let us go unnecessarily, and become the sole source of ours, become a learner for our equal, and, by ourselves Become a matter of magnifying for Growth.


This speech is not for those who do not do all this stuff and they need to learn, but this speech is also for those who do all this. The best thing is that this speech is for the gurus who want to tell us, and whom we do not want to sleep, because they have given us a good education and we have taught that it appreciate and appreciated by human behavior only.

Guru Purnima Speech

Today, on the day of Guru Purnima, I hope that one day, me and my classmates, can become a master of every one Guru present here. One day it came that on the day you can say all that it was my disciple and will remain.

Guru Purnima speech

Today on the Docociones of Guru Purnima I woke you to thank everybody who has been instrumental in making voyeur I am today. Ian Do Teachers pay this we all had teachers, I take today you are my teacher’s notice how they have been All Plaid a Very Important Role in My Life.

Yes, Guru Purnima Was On a Time Celebrating You Drink Respect You were Gurus of All Kind, boat a des tech’s day is more about cellulating and dancing and singing. It Has Become Less About React and More About Fun.

Guru Purnima Essay

I love this song full moon today, I, with all my heart, hope and try that one day, I’m sure you and your friend, you’re my teacher’s pride. I’ll make noise that I set an example forever and care for with my weight is Ihavin Tot. Wishing Everybody A Happy Guru Full Moon.

Guru Purnima Speech, Guru Purnima Speech English, 2018

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