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Google Drive Features, Benefits and Storage – Gujunews

Google Drive Features, Benefits and Storage

Hey friends! Today I will inform you about my favorite Google Drive features and benefits. Between Gmail, Google calendar, photos, YouTube and Drive, I basically live in Google. I use the Google Drive both personally and professionally.

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Google Drive Features And Benefits

There are some stellar Google Drive functions. I use every single day in my business. So here they are.

Google Drive Storage

So first and foremost, Google Drive gives you 15GB of storage completely free. I was able to get 17GB free because I did some type of share promotion thing and I linked up my business account with my personal account- something like that – so I have 2GB more storage. If you have a business account, so business emails through google, which is paid, you get even more storage.

The biggest thing to remember about google drive storage is that it counts storage across your suite of Google apps, including Gmail and photos. Which we’ll get into those babies in a minute. If you find yourself needing more storage, like dropbox level storage but don’t want to pay dropbox level prices, you’re in luck.

Google Drive has significantly lowered the prices on their storage – by an exponential amount the last 5 years, using their Google One service. To put things in perspective, they used to charge 4.99 a month for 100 gigs of storage and 9.99 a month for 200 gigs.

Now it’s 1.99 and 2.99 respectively, plus you’ll save even more if you pay yearly. Now, back to the google apps. You also have a suite of Google apps at your fingertips within the drive.

So not only can you use google drive for basic docs, think like a word doc alternative, but you’ve got google sheets for spreadsheets, google slides, forms, drawings and more. It’s the best and in my opinion only real competitor to the microsoft suite of apps… but it’s completely free for personal use.

Something else to keep in mind is that because this is a Google service since everything is all connected, you can search for something within your Gmail and not just get email search history, but also related google drive content.

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Google Drive Collaboration

Now, let’s talk about collaboration within Google Drive. You can share a google drive doc with just about anyone and everyone and set your desired sharing permissions too.

This ties into another favorite feature of mine which is viewing and tending to comments. So to view all comments, click the little comment icon to the left of the share button.

You can also deal with comments individually directly from the side of the doc, by clicking on the comment itself. You can reply, delete, or resolve the comment.

To make a comment, highlight the words or words or leave your cursor at the beginning of the word and right click and select comment. You can also comment from that comment button at the top of the doc too.

Another Clutch Feature of Google Drive

Another clutch feature of Google Drive is the ability to see a complete version history. Not only can this be helpful to see what verbiage you had in your doc before, but, let’s say you accidentally delete something important and since google drive auto saves constantly, you start to freak out. Don’t sweat it.

Head to file, then version history, and see the version history. Voila, on the right hand side you’ve got all the versions of this doc that have saved since you created it, along with the date and time you saved them. As you click on each version, you’ll see exactly how that version looked. Boom! How cool is that?

There are so many features I love about Google Drive, this is just a small snippet. Now I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite Google Drive features?

Let everyone know in the comments below. As always, thank you guys so much for the reading article,

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