Dus ka Dum Teaser: Salman Khan Told How to Play This Game
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Dus ka Dum Teaser: Salman Told How to Play This Game Sitting at Home

Dus ka dum teaser:

Dus ka Dum Teaser: Salman Khan is returning with his next TV show Dum Dum (Dus ka dum). Salman Khan has also posted a new teaser for his show on Instagram. In this teaser, Salman Khan has seen appearing at home watching the audience playing games with him.

After watching this teaser, it is obvious that the eagerness of this show will increase in his fans. In Teaser, Salman is telling the audience to download the Sony Live app. Salman is saying, ‘When there is an app for everything, why is there a gap between you and me?’

How To Play Dus ka Dum Show

After downloading this app, users will ask many questions related to their life, relationships, and experiences. The questions will be asked according to user’s profile. These questions will be divided on the basis of 40 levels. With every level, users will not only get more points but rather get a chance to reach the level of another level of the game show, as well as winning the prize. thisĀ Dus ka dum show.

In this app, ‘How many percents of Indian segments‘ will ask about interesting questions about the country at every level. Users will get real-time updates of their ranking through the Leaderboard in this app. Through this app, users will also enjoy fun video messages with the host of this Salman Khan Show. Salman will be live through the show in this app and the users will get an opportunity to take Delphi (Video Selfie) with them. You can also share this Welfi with Fans Bhaijaan.

Dus ka Dum Teaser: Salman Told How to Play This Game Sitting at Home

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