Dubai Police give Permission to bring Sridevi`s Body in India

Dubai Police give Permission to bring Sridevi`s Body in India

Dubai Police give Permission to bring Sridevi`s Body in India

Today is the third day after the death of Sridevi. But till now the body of Goddess Sridevi could not come to India. Meanwhile, a surprise news came from Dubai that made the death of Sridevi a mystery … you will tell how the Dubai Police is engaged in solving the mystery but the show starts with the news that the whole country is waiting for. After all when will come, the body of Sridevi.

Subramanyam Swami has Sridevi of the killing apprehension expressed

India’s Ambassador to the UAE, Navdeep Suri, told the language that the Dubai Police could deliver the body only after getting another ‘clearance’. However, he did not say what kind of ‘approval’ was needed. Suri said, ‘This is their internal process. We do not know. ‘

The Dubai government wrote on Twitter that the police has handed over the case to the ‘Dubai Public Prosecution’ which will follow the legal process followed in such cases.

Dubai newspaper Khaleej Times said in a news report that the body can become coated on this afternoon (local time). To accelerate the process of bringing the body of the actress, the Indian Embassy and Consulate are working together with the local authorities.

Sridevi has Dead Body Not Coming, But Reson

It is not clear whether the 54 – year – old actress was unconscious for what reason and whether the initial news of death due to heart attack is true. His death has surprised his fans and the film industry all over the country. According to reports; Reliance Communications (RCOM) chief Anil Ambani has offered to bring the body of the actress to the country in his private plane.

This latest news of accidental sinking has deepened the mystery about Sridevi’s death. His family has not said anything since the initial statement given after the actress’s death and the media has requested to leave her alone in this time of grief. Sridevi’s family has her husband Boney Kapoor and her two daughters.

In the report, the reason for death is accidental drowning.  A copy of the forensic report  has also been posted along with the post, which has been stamped by the UAE Health Ministry and the preventive medicine director of Dubai. In his report, the full name of the actress “Sridevi Boney Kapoor Ayyapan” has given the number of his passport;  the date of the accident and the cause of death.

The 54 – year – old actress has called the first woman superstar of the Indian film industry. He died on Saturday night in a Dubai hotel. She had come here to attend a family wedding ceremony.

Sridevi’s sudden death, people and fans of the film industry reached the house of their late actor Anil Kapoor today. The atmosphere is very sad on Nil’s bungalow; where the daughters of Sridevi and her husband Bonnie Kapoor are living happily and happily. Anil is the younger brother of Bonnie.

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