Complaint Against Priya Prakash, Who Came to Discuss The viral videos
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Complaint Against Priya Prakash, Who Came to Discuss The viral videos

Complaint Against Priya Prakash, Who Came to Discuss The Video

There was the discussion of viral videos on the Internet Malayalam actress Priya Prakash went lodged a complaint against the light. Priya Prakash has been accused of inciting religious sentiment. The complaint went lodged in Hyderabad Falaknuma police station. The film also went lodged a complaint with the police against the producer. Tell that has created a video Tehelka on social media a few days. Who is going to go crazy watching this video, People are sharing fiercely this video. 26 seconds of the tune violin viral her back ground video social media; A boy and a girl are express love eyes. Band on stage group is performing and around many boy and girl.

Who is Priya Prakash?

But who is actually edit is being circulate on the video social media. In fact, no tune behind this viral videos is a song. Real song has been shot in the South and that wound the hearts of people with their own eyes the gesture girl is none other than actress of South films. Name is Priya Prakash Warrior.

18-year-old Priya Prakash Warrior actually making debut with the romantic comedy Malayalam actress that Oru Adar Love names in which the film to be release on viral videos create an uproar on social media that actress Priya Warrior March 3 a part of a song. In fact; this song 26 Skend rather 3 minutes 16 seconds and makes a scene after approximately 1 minute 45 seconds in which the beloved light appears that a boy pointing to the eyes.

viral videos
Priya prakash

Viral Videos For Priya

After viral videos, Priya became the new sensation of Prakash Warrior social media. WhatsApp, Twitter and be talk to Priya on Facebook and Priya Warrior on Instagram that broke many record. Followers Priya on Instagram by Sunday morning was only 68 thousand, but now the number of followers has reached over 16 million. A day Beloved Instagram has become 6 million more followers third biggest celebrity scintillating the world.

Not Priya first celebrity of India making more followers than the fastest 10 lakh. Watched the Viral videos more than 51 million people on Instagram and get viral videos to nearly 50 million views on YouTube. Priya will was not sure found them over night such prominence in a video. he said thank you to fans on Twitter for; He said he was surpris to see support for this kind of your social media. Never thought that would be my debut national trend. Director thanked Omrlulu sir.

Please tell Priya hails from Thrissur, Kerala, and student still B.Com first year. In addition to Priya to acting, music, dance and fond of traveling. Priya has uploaded some Hindi songs sing the video on his Twitter account. This means that Priya had not even heard of yet people named Light Warrior’s Priya has become beating hearts of millions. The love of months has become Valentine’s symbol.

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