Bigg Boss 11 Winner 2018, Name and Prize Money
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Bigg Boss 11 Winner 2018, Name and Prize Money

Bigg Boss 11 Winner 2018, Name and Prize Money

Viewers have still not recovered from Bigg Boss 11 winner fever. The show is officially over but the little details about India’s biggest reality show are still making rounds on the internet. The latest news about Bigg Boss season 11 that is going viral on the internet is that Hina Khan took home a lot more money than the winner of the show Shilpa Shinde.

Throughout the season there was a conflict between Shilpa and Hina fans. Both the armies wanted their favourite celebrity to win. Even now, after the finale has aired, fans are still interested in the lives of their favourite contestant. There is no doubt saying that Shilpa’s iconic win is going to be historic.

The dedication and efforts Shilpa’s army paid up in the season’s finale, and she became the winner of Bigg Boss 11.  However, even after winning the show, Shilpa couldn’t take the maximum amount home.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Prize Money 

If reports are to be believed, Hina Khan was paid a total amount of Rs. 1.75 crore while Shilpa got Rs. 1.29 crore including her prize money. An article published on says,

According to the Bigg Boss 11 contract of Hina Khan, she received Rs 1.25 crore for the first 10 weeks. And, additionally, she got Rs 50 Lakh for the last 5 weeks. The total amount of money bagged by Hina Khan is Rs 1.75 crore. According to Shilpa’s Bigg Boss 11 contract, she received Rs 6 lakh per week for the first 10 weeks. Moreover, for rest of the 5 weeks, she received Rs 5 lakh per week. Hence, the amount that Shilpa got is Rs 85 lakhs. Also, Shilpa won the show and got Rs 44 Lakh as prize money. Hence, she took home Rs 1.29 crore in total.

It was a nail-biting competition between Shilpa and Hina for the BB11 trophy. But, Shilpa’s fans managed to make her the winner of the show. With this, we can say that no matter if Shilpa got more vote but it’s Hina who took home more note! Right?

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