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Baba Ramdev Big Disclosure, After All What Is It Read More

Baba Ramdev Big Disclosure. After All What Is It Read More

Baba Ramdev, who is known all over the world as Yoga Guru, but a woman journalist has open up a great fight against him. Yes, the woman has been doing research on Ramdev from the years, but there are some points in the research that, the land under your feet will be slipping away. Please tell that this woman journalist has written a book after research, in which some such mysteries have been mentione, which can increase the problems of Baba Ramdev. Let’s know what is the complete cage?

Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev

The name of this woman journalist is Priyanka Pathak, who has been studying Baba Ramdev for many years, during this research, the woman has also made serious allegations against Baba and has also pointed to some conspiracy. If the things written in the book are considere to be true,; then it is reveale that Baba Ramdev is also not less than Ram Rahim or Asaram. It will be wrong to say something right here, but here you are going to tell some of the books of that book.

To Baba Ramdev by taking happened big disclosures

Journalist Priyanka reader who has written the book, his name Godman to Tycoon. Please tell Baba all information related to life in this book has presented in a very intuitive manner. Also reveale also that Baba reach the peak of how the floor. Women, according to reporter; went to Guru Shankar Dev Baba Ramdev walk one day; but there could not be trace, in or were he to disappear or get them was missing. Explain that Shankar Dev is there, who donated the land of billions of rupees in Haridwar to Ramdev.

Referring to this mystery, Priyanka further states that whatever she learned from Ramdev has become a victim of a mysterious death after a while? The journalist further questioned that when Shankar Guru disappeared, Ramdev was in Britain; listening to the news After that why remained there for two months? This is pointing to some conspiracy.

Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev

One of the baba Ramdev And the master Mysterious Had died

Priyanka, in her book, said that in 1995 Baba, who had given Ramdev a license for Ayurvedic medicines, also died in 2003. It was a coincidence or conspiracy it is difficult to say; but after the death of Swami Yogananda, he was immediately taken to Baba Ramdev’s ashram; where his funeral was done, if his body was not taken out of the Ashan in Fanan If there is a post-mortem then the secret is reveale, according to the bridegroom. Shortly after that; the case of murder actual also closed, which, on some side; Isha Security is of course.

Priyanka Chopra further said that the death of Rajiv Dixit, one of Baba’s closest friends, has also become a mystery. Explain that Rajeev is there, Patanjali’s business is running on his indigenous campaign. Actually, That’s wrong.

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