Arshi Khan Funny Video Viral, The Openly Flew Husband's Joke
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Arshi Khan, Funny Video Viral, The Openly Flew Husband’s Joke

Arshi Khan Funny Video Viral

Arshi Khan Funny Video Viral, Arshi Khan was sitting with the crowd, and the box-cricket league match was in progress. Only then Arshi Khan appeared as her ‘husband’ and she showed her failure in front of everyone. Hey, Arshi has not got married in the real life. This is Arshi Khan Onscreen husband, Hiten Tejwani. During the Task in Big Boss-11, Hiten and Arshi were husband and wife, and both of them enjoyed very much. Now Arshi has shared a video of Ekta Kapoor Box Cricket League, in which she appears to be quizzing with Hiten Tejwani. Arshi is sitting, and is saying with big great pay, “‘always is remain’ your youth, take one wicket, Hiten Tejwani.”

Arshi Khan Funny Video

Arshi Khan is not only about the controversy but also because of her work, after being a rapture in the Big Boss. These days, they are appearing in the Box Cricket League, and there are reports that they can be seen at some other show soon. Just a few days back, he had been booming in BCL’s ‘My Raksha Kamar’, and the video very happened virally.

Arshi Khan Instagram Viral Video

Anyway, Arshi Khan has also known as Mallika of controversy. Various types of news came out of the house with them inside the Big Boss 10, and there was a lot of ruckuses. Inside the house, Priyank Sharma had a great target. TV actress Hina Khan had done it till a bad comment. But Arshi did not care about anyone and maintained her friendship with Vikas Gupta and this friendship continued even beyond the house.

Arshi Khan Funny Video Viral, The Openly Flew Husband’s Joke

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