Anushka Sharma KISS viral on social media

Anushka Sharma KISS viral on social media

Anushka Sharma KISS viral on social media: Virat Kohli is on rest after the South Africa series. They are not playing in the Nidahas Trophy played in Sri Lanka. The BCCI has rested them. In this way, he is doing a time-span with the family. Virat is very active on social media today. They are sharing something or something with the fans on every occasion. But this time Virat Kohli did something like this that smiles on the face of the fans. He posted a photo of Anushka Sharma. Which became viral within a few hours. Within a few minutes of his post, Anushka Sharma posted a picture, in which he is doing Virat Kohli. This photo also became viral.


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Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, is spending time relaxing with his wife Anushka. Even on social media, both of them did not miss the chance to show their love. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma got viral in minutes on her Instagram account with hot photo share with husband Virat Kohli.

Chilling and how! 😎

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This photo was of how to do Looking at the picture, knowing what Anushka is doing to Virat, where Virat Kohli posted a photo with Anushka, Anushka Sharma posted a photo of the incident to the Instagram shortly after. the photo also became viral after watching.

However, Virat Kohli has been expressing his love to Anushka Sharma on social media even before marriage. He posted pictures with Anushka several times on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Let’s say that Kohli and Anushka married in Italy on December 11, with considerable confidentiality. Prior to that, there was speculation in his marriage media. After the marriage, he released photos on his twitter. Later, the couple had given a splendid party in Delhi and Mumbai to celebrate their marriage. now Anushka Sharma Kiss photo has surfaced. Twitter Facebook is viral in Instagram.

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 Anushka Sharma KISS viral on social media

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