Actress Sridevi has Dead Body Reached Mumbai in India,

Actress Sridevi has Dead Body Reached Mumbai in India,

Actress Sridevi has Dead Body Reached Mumbai in India,

After reaching Mumbai, Actress Sridevi has dead body will be kept here, everything will be white
The place of fortune bungalow where Actress Sridevi dead body will be kept. Bollywood actress Sridevi dies in Dubai on Saturday night due to a heart attack. The 54-year-old Sridevi was accompanied by her husband Bonnie Kapoor and the younger daughter Khushi to join the wedding of the Nephew gone. It is said that by the afternoon his body could be brought to Mumbai from Dubai. Preparations are being made for his funeral in Mumbai’s fate bungalow. Everything used for farewell will be white.
Actress Sridevi has funeral will be done in Pavanhans Muktidham, located at Vile Parle, Mumbai. Tell him that according to his last wish, everything used for the farewell will be of white color. Sridevi loved the white color very much. She used to say to her family members and neighbors that everything was white in my last time. This is the reason why everything used in their last journey is kept white. The curtains of the house have been white. Flowers are also white.

Like Actress Sridevi’s life

Like Actress Sridevi life, his family now wants to make his last visit special. His funeral will be carried out in accordance with their wishes. The white color was very sweet to Sridevi and he had said on one day that when his final journey was removed, he should be decorated with white flowers. His family has now gathered to complete this ultimate ambition of Sridevi. Where the earth body of Actress Sridevi will be kept, the place is being decorated with white color mogra and rose flowers.  His funeral will be done, have begun with his funeral preparations.
On the other hand, preparations for Sridevi’s funeral have begun in the Pawan Hans crematorium at Vile Parle, Mumbai. There the fogging machine is being used and cleanliness is also going on. ANI has tweeted this information. Sridevi was Bollywood’s first female superstar and died in Dubai. Sridevi‘s funeral will be done with the state honor.
Will Sridevi has dead body be burnt in a few moments.
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